Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sandra Bullock, America's Sweetheart.

With all of the hoopla (yes, hoopla) of the Health Care Reform. Earthquakes in Haiti and some other brown skinned country.

Buzz Aldrin dancing. Joe Biden dropping F-bombs.

Tiger Woods.

Leno back on The The Tonight Show.

News news news.

Endless wars. Celebrity deaths.

Unemployment. Jobs.

The Apple i-Pad.

So much going on and sometimes things slip through the cracks.

As I was doing my research I stumbled across this gem...

It turns out that late late at night on February 14 2010 it was passed into law that when refering to Sandra Bullock you must now add 'America's Sweetheart' after her name.

This became even more important once the Jesse James sex scandal broke.

Sandra Bullock, America's Sweetheart....we love you!


Cake not signed in said...

Women love her, men wanna be her...or something.

The Sex Pistols said...

Never Mind the Bullocks

Film Buff said...

I really liked her in that Scorsese film, Raging Bullocks.

Hemmorhoid Hal said...

I've got a bad case of the raging buttocks.

IAintNoOprahFan said...

I'm glad you changed away from the Oprah was creepin' me out.

The Silver Fox said...

Meg Ryan is pissed.