Monday, February 25, 2013

The Devil didnt wear Prada at the Oscars

My top was made of the finest white cotton blends by H'anes of North Carolina.

My lower half was covered by a durable blue denim designed by L. Strauss of San Francisco.

Accessories by W'Ud Eva Wuz Layin'Rou'nd.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fail to the Chief

So last week me and the Hoag go out for buddy nite.

We order a drink and start talking.

We are sitting there with our coats on for a bit. Hoag stands up and starts taking his jacket off.

He has a slight smirk on his face.

He puts the jacket on the back of chair and kinda turns around.


Hard laughter in a crowded restaurant.

Hoag is wearing a sweater with the presidential seal embroidered over the breast area.

He's trying to be all nonchalant about it.

Nobody else for the next three hours said a word about it.

I just kept laughing. I'm picturing him golfing with Barack.

Maybe ya had to have been there....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It rhymes with Moffice Mee-po

So I need something for the shop.

I look online.

Their website keeps timing out on me so I decide to just call them and order on the phone.

Simple, right?

First I get the Computer Voice when I call.

I end up shouting at her prompts.

I hate her within seconds.

I get a real live person.

She asks my name.

She asks what she can do for me.

I tell her that I would like to order something.

She asks for my account number.

I tell her that I don't have an account number.

She tells me that she will check anyhow in case I forgot.

I assure her that I've NEVER had an account with them.

She tells me she will check anyhow.

I tell her that I will try somewhere else.


Candy Bar Wrapper Instructions

I have a candy bar.

On the candy bar wrapper it has instructions on how to open it.

I'm pretty sure I would have figured it out without said instructions.

But that's not the funny part about this candy bar wrapper.

This candy bar wrapper has instructions on how to CLOSE said wrapper after opening it.

Hahahahahahahah! HA!

I don't be opening no candy bar wrapper to then want to close it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm straight! Not like everybody says... like gay... I'm straight and I want respect!

So last night I went out to eat alone.

It was a place that me and Hoag used to go each week on Buddy Nite.

We were fairly well known there.


I sit at the bar, order a drink and my food.

A few minutes go by when the friendly bartender/manager gal comes up to me to say hi.

(she was always nice to us)

Here is the conversation:

MAGGIE: "So how are things going?"

ME: "Things are well."

MAGGIE: "Where's your partner tonight?"

ME: "My 'partner' is at home with his wife."

MAGGIE: ::::befuddled::: "Oh, tell him I said Hi."

ME: "Okay."

Friday, February 08, 2013

Hitler is cute?

This morning I was shaving and noticed that my bed head hair looked like Hitler's.

So naturally I took out a black pocket comb and put it under my nose making a little Hitler 'stache for myself.

And then I did what any wannabe Hitler would do...I took out my iPhone and took a picture of myself looking like ol' Uncle Adolf.

Then I texted the picture to Wifey.

Here is here reply:

WIFEY: "Cute."


So to sum up:

My goose-steppin' wife thinks Hitler is cute!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Friday, February 01, 2013

Planned Improv

So this guy comes in the other day to buy a gift.
He brings it to the counter.
Here is the conversation:
HIM: "Do you wrap?"
ME: "No...but I'd be happy to sing the blues."
HIM: "I get that."
ME: "I've had that line in the ready room for years."