Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It rhymes with Moffice Mee-po

So I need something for the shop.

I look online.

Their website keeps timing out on me so I decide to just call them and order on the phone.

Simple, right?

First I get the Computer Voice when I call.

I end up shouting at her prompts.

I hate her within seconds.

I get a real live person.

She asks my name.

She asks what she can do for me.

I tell her that I would like to order something.

She asks for my account number.

I tell her that I don't have an account number.

She tells me that she will check anyhow in case I forgot.

I assure her that I've NEVER had an account with them.

She tells me she will check anyhow.

I tell her that I will try somewhere else.



Sexy Computer Voice said...


Cake not signed in said...

Recently I dealt with a place that would let you order something on their website and have it delivered...if you went down to the shop and paid in person.

True story.

Anonymous said...

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lmbs said...

At least Anonymous is always trying to be helpful!