Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm straight! Not like everybody says... like gay... I'm straight and I want respect!

So last night I went out to eat alone.

It was a place that me and Hoag used to go each week on Buddy Nite.

We were fairly well known there.


I sit at the bar, order a drink and my food.

A few minutes go by when the friendly bartender/manager gal comes up to me to say hi.

(she was always nice to us)

Here is the conversation:

MAGGIE: "So how are things going?"

ME: "Things are well."

MAGGIE: "Where's your partner tonight?"

ME: "My 'partner' is at home with his wife."

MAGGIE: ::::befuddled::: "Oh, tell him I said Hi."

ME: "Okay."


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