Monday, October 04, 2010

The Jesus Cookbook Guy

I just had a sales guy/cult member in the shop that was trying to sell me Jesus books (and cookbooks)

Here is part of that conversation:

JESUS CULT SALES GUY: "...and always remember, Jesus loves you!"

ME: "He should."


Blasphemy Gal said...

Jesus cookbooks? Like, how to prepare Jesus's flesh and blood and stuff? Cool! Will it be served as a buffet at Sunday Mass?

Hungryman said...

Filet o' Christ

Grilled Jeez Sandwich

Hot Cross Jesusbuns

Savior Stew

Holy Hamburger

The Beatles said...

Jesus in the Pie with Almonds?

Hungryman 2 said...


I posted my comment and then Glee somehow went forward into time and stole it!

Grilled Jeezus!

Richard Fromage said...

For good food, and good food ideas, you can count on Kraft, which is apparently building a plant in Israel. The Israeli division is, of course, to be called Cheeses Of Nazareth