Monday, November 22, 2010

Wifey knows Wifeys

I'm watching some lame awards show last night and Wifey pokes her head up out of her burrow.

Here is part of that conversation:

WIFEY: "Do you know who he's married to?"

ME: "Who is he married to?"

WIFEY: "Katy Perry."

(Wifey usually tells me who is married to who)


A few minutes later Carlos Santana appears on stage. I decide to ask Wifey a question.

ME: "Who is Carlos Santana married to?"

WIFEY: "Mrs. Santana."


Clinky said...

Too Soon!

Cake not signed in said...

Who's Katy Perry married to? I must know!

Lois not signed in said...

Russell Brand.

(I only know that because I'm someone else's wifey. In the US, we're legally required to know this kind of stuff as spouses.)

Cake not signed in said...

I'm glad that's not required Wifey knowledge here because I couldn't even begin to tell you who's married to who! I'd have to be sent for Wife Retraining.

May Wes' All Dress' said...

Who's Katy Perry? Any relation to Perry Como?

Ursula Alldress' said...

Was Sophie (Kalish) Tucker any relation to Carol Kalish? They're both dead.