Friday, April 20, 2012

You're hearing this through my grapevine.

This man came in yesterday wearing a nice grey suit.

Good shoes.

Mid-late 50s.

Looked like an insurance guy.

Maybe an accountant.

He looked much older than his years.

Beat down from decades of doing a mundane job.

He bought some comics (for himself? his kids? grandkids?)

I tried a little small talk....nothing.

Shark eyes.

No twinkle at all.

What is this guys life like?

Nagging wife?

Big mortgage?

Crappy kids?

It is Hell, I assume.

Then a Creedence Clearwater song came on the radio.

I Heard It Through The Grapevine.

His eyes came alive.

Just a little.

His finger tapped his thigh.

I noticed.

ME: "I love Creedence!"

HIM: "Me too! I never hear them anymore."

(I thought...Why not? I hear them every day)

ME: "1970 was a great year. Creedence, comic books..."

HIM: "What's that other song he did...I like that. The baseball one."

ME: "Centerfield."


Point of the story?

I have no idea. Creedence perked up a day.


Tag-You're it! said...

The other week one of my sons had an earworm.
And of course he transferred it to me.
Just got back from Illinois
Unlock the front door oh boy
Got to sit down and
Rest here on the couch...

Lennon/Fogarty said...

Mother Nature's Fortunate Son

Proud Rita Meter Maid

Centerfields Forever

Travelin' Nowhere Man

Don't Let Me Down on the Corner

Lennon/Fogarty said...

we meant- Proud Mary Meter Maid

(!) said...

Put me in, Coach...I'm ready to play.