Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Ice Cream Store

CUSTOMER: "I heard there is an ice cream store around here."

ME: "'s about a block down that way [I point] on this side of the street."

CUSTOMER: "A block what way?"

ME: "That way."

CUSTOMER: "Down there?"

ME: "Yes."

CUSTOMER: "What side of the street is it on?"

ME: "This side."

CUSTOMER: "The side we are on now?"

ME: "Yes. THIS side."

CUSTOMER:  "A block down that way, right?"

ME: "You're too young for Candid Camera, right?"

CUSTOMER: "I have a camera on my phone."


Anonymous said...

Happy to see you're still alive and ornery.

12 year old boy said...

I misread that last comment for a second and thought I'd missed a double entendre or something in this post!