Friday, December 03, 2010

Name That Car!

So the other day my youngest daughter bought her first car. A used one.

Here is a mash-up of text and actual conversations that have since taken place with me ,her, and Wifey.

ME: "So...did you you name the car yet?"


ME: "How about Russell?"


ME: "How about The Bull?"


ME: "Don't you want to name it?"


WIFEY: "You have to name a car. Well, used cars you have to name."


Worst Liar Ever said...

I remember my first car...I wrecked it in a big car chase.

Anonymous said...

I think she should name it Kit.

The Love Bug said...

Or Herbie!

Just killing time here said...

The BatYoungestMobile?

Geeks R Us said...

The Falcon! (assuming it can do the Kessel Run in less than 24 parsecs...can it?)

Geek fail said...

I think that should be 12 parsecs. Oh well. I'll drop my geek creds at the counter when I leave.

Beatles said...

She's Got a Used Ticket to Ride

Sexy Secondhand

Drive Her Car

When I'm 64,000 Miles Old

My car's named Spooky said...

SHEANOP: Presuming she ain't no Porsche. If she is a Porsche, SHEANOC: She ain't no Chevy.