Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Howard Stern

So I'm in the car the other day listening to The Howard Stern Show on the radio.

Howard does some pretty good interviews and part of his style is to sometimes ask very personal questions. Usually when the person isn't expecting it.

Sometimes those questions are wicked raunchy.

So he's talking to some guy (I forget who it was)

Here is part of the interview:

HOWARD: "So have you ever kissed a man?"

GUY: "NO!"

{Now just before the next question I was pulling up to pay the toll on The Pike}

HOWARD: "Would you ever blow a man?"

TOLL TAKER: "No. And that will be 70 cents."

ME: "That was Howard asking! Not me!"

Moral of the Story?

Turn your radio down when paying tolls.


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Cake said...

I'm just glad (for you) that he didn't say, "I've been waiting for you to ask!"...and then leap into the car with you.

Though that'd have been one helluva blog...