Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's September 11th and I'm gonna tell you a little story about this September 11th.

Does it tie in to that infamous Sept. 11th ten years ago?

Probably not.

Last week Wifey cut the grass for me. She does that sometimes.

So today it was my turn.

I go out to the garage, get the gas can, all ready to fill up Betsy.

Betsy is missing her gas cap.

Wifey was the one to last use the mower.

Back into the house I storm!


So out she comes to retrace her mowing steps.

It seems she filled up the mower on the front yard.

We morphed into Lewis and Clark and searched for the missing gas cap.

After what seemed liked three minutes (It was probably two minutes) she found the missing gas cap..

So all was good.

I filled up the tank and cut the grass in the traditional diagonal pattern.

But my mind was made up.

Wifey was to be put on (dramatic music) MOWER PROBATION!

She would need to do the three step check each time she used the mower.

Gas cap on.

Oil cap on.

Mower washed afterwards.

So I went in in the house and told Wifey that she was now on (dramatic music) MOWER PROBATION!

Here is how Wifey responded:

WIFEY: "Fuck off."


Ayethink U. R. Myntal said...

So to sum up:

Wifey did your work for you as a favour and you put her on probation.

U said...

Damn, I have a tell!

Someone said...

Wifey knows exactly what she's doing.

Someone else said...

Wifey is my hero.

The first Someone said...

Wifey should give classes for other hen-pecked wifeys.

The second someone said...

I'd attend for sure!

The ghost of Johnny Bucyk said...

Maybe 20 years ago, I stopped at Orr's Shell station in Parry Sound Ont. They may still have my gas cap. I only found out it was gone a couple hundred miles away. Since then, I've never visited Boston, simply because you guys love Bobby, and his uncle or cousin or something didn't put my cap back on. It's all your fault: If your Bruins hadn't given him a job, he'd probably still have been be back in Parry Sound pumping gas, and I wouldn't be missing another plastic Toyota part.

Alan Eagleson said...

Never mind probation: Lose my gas cap and you're shitlisted forever.

Lois said...

Wifey is awesome.