Monday, December 12, 2011


So the other day there was an eclipse of some sorts.

And whenever there is an eclipse the news agencies and 'scientists' tell us how to view it, when it will appear, how it will burn your eyeballs out, etc.

And in EVERY eclipse story it always mentions that we won't see another eclipse like this for another 68 years.

And then about a month or two later there is another story about an eclipse.

And how to view it. When it will appear. How your eyeballs will be burned out. Etc.

And then they tell us an eclipse won't happen again for another 68 years.

Stop fucking with us!!

We know an eclipse happens every few weeks.

We also know it doesn't burn our eyeballs.


Eek! Clips!! said...

I'll Follow The Blackened Out Sun

Anonymous said...

i would cinnemt on thij but i can;t see too good to tyope since ny visiop went bat when uiwas staring at the asum a whikle back.

Anonymous said...

I remember in elementary school around 3rd grade, when they took us outside to look at the big solar eclipse through our little cardboard viewfinder-thingies. They scared the bejeezus out of us. I thought if I looked at it with my naked eye I would turn into a pillar of salt.

Bruce said...

blinded by the light, Mann...

(!) said...

Sometimes I'm astonished IANO hasn't gone blind.