Saturday, December 10, 2011

She could also stand to lose twenty pounds.

So me and Wifey go out to dinner last night.

We decided to eat at the bar of the restaurant.

Waitress brought over bread.

Wifey asked for butter.

Waitress thought that meant don't bring butter.

Wifey ordered a salad and her meal.

Waitress thought that meant Wifey just wanted her meal.

Over the course of the night Wifey had three glasses of wine.

The waitress thought it best just to charge us for two of the glasses.

I had three bottles of beer.

The waitress thought it best just to charge me for one bottle of beer.

Remember that salad Wifey ordered and didn't get?

The waitress thought it made sense to charge us for that.



86 the Beatles said...

Carry That Waitress

Why Don't We Do It At A Different Restaurant

Hungry Beatles said...

Nowhere Waitress

Nay Tipper

Sexy Salad

paul howley said...

Nay Tipper wins.

Miss Hunderstanden said...

Wifey could stand to lose 20 lbs? Maybe she didn't need the butter, then.