Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I'm not sure why.

So the computer companies call them 'notebooks'.

We don't. We call them laptops.

But the computer companies won't budge.

I'm not sure why.

And the phone companies call them 'mobile phones'.

We don't. We call them cellphones.

Or the cool people call them iPhones.

Nobody has ever called them mobile phones.

Except for the companies.

I'm not sure why.

And then there is Cousin Saul.

Cousin Saul likes to call it 'Kleenex brand facial tissues'

We don't. We call them Kleenex.

Nobody else calls them Kleenex brand facial tissues.

Except for Cousin Saul.

I'm not sure why.


Cake said...

Did Cousin Saul send you a note on your Notebook or give you a call on your mobile phone and that's what gave you the idea for this web log entry?

Beatles Who Got Nuffin' said...

Happiness is a Warm Netbook

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for me and my Car Phone

Tissue and Shout

Hostess Brand Cream Filled Sponge Cake said...

Old Nike Brown Shoe

Nope still not quite there said...

Twist and Shout (the laundry soap)?

Grasping at straws Beatles said...

Let's Do it in the Massachusetts Pike Road?

Wait, getting better said...

She's Got an Amtrak Ticket to Ride

Good with a cheese sandwich said...

Mean Mister Heinz Mustard

Beatles on a Roll said...

Happiness is a Warm Walter PPK Gun

Anonymous said...

Why do they call it an iPhone when you barely use it as a phone?

Mean Mr. said...

Oh I'll
Tell you something
I think you'll understand
Oh I'll
Tell you this thing
It's time you wiped your nose
Oh won't you wipe your nose
And when you do it
On your sleeve
It's kinda yucky
And looks like you had
Some solo sex
And missed the Kleenex
And missed the Kleenex
And missed the Kleenex

Mean Mr.Mucus said...

Sorry, forgot my name there for a second or two

paul howley said...

Cousin Saul would NOT buy or endorse a Heinz product.