Sunday, September 02, 2012

Smaht Cah

So last night Wifey and I were eating out at a restaurant.

We sat at the bar.

Two women were next to me and thoughout the night they were amusing us a bit.

Nothing wicked funny or anything...just amusing.

Then DrunkThing #1 dropped her purse.

Everything spilled was now broken. Wifey and I started to talking to them.

Here is part of the conversation:
DRUNKTHING#1: "...and people always make fun of my stupid Smart Car."

ME: "You have a stupid Smart Car?"

DRUNKTHING#1: "Yes...I love that stupid Smart Car."

ME: "Then why do you call it stupid?"

DRUNKTHING#1: "Because someone stole two pairs of boots out of it."

ME: "Stupid Smart Car."

DRUNKTHING#1: "You must think I'm a whore."

ME: "Stupid Smart Car."


Cake not signed in said...

I thought thought for sure you were gonna say someone walked off with the whole stupid smaht cah.

Do whores drive stupid smaht cahs in the US?

Canuck whore with Boston accent said...

We drive clevah smaht cahs heah.

Beantown Beatles said...

A Hahd Day's Night

Eleanah Rigbah

Nahwegian Wood (This Bahd Has Flown)


Anonymous said...

The above comment is the worst attempt at a Boston accent I've heard since Leonardo DiCaprio tried to do one in Departed.

Anonymous said...

Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd!