Thursday, November 08, 2012

It ain't his fault.

So President Obama was just re-elected.

In the coming four years you might not get everything that he promised.

Unemployment might go up, stock market might go down.

The National debt will increase.

Energy costs will skyrocket.

You probably wont get that free cellphone or free oil he promised.

But please don't blame Obama.

He inherited this mess.

From Obama.


Anonymous said...

Great post- even though we all know Ovama will never take the blame for anything that goes wrong.

Miss Lefty McSmartypants said...

It's amazing how long it's taking him to fix all the crap from the Bush years! Whatta slackah.

Enough already said...


Anonymous said...

I remember when the five cents he promised all of us only cost a nickle.

Beatles said...

Obami Obama