Friday, November 23, 2012

Kids laugh at the lamest jokes.

ME: "What was the funniest thing about Thanksgiving?

DAUGHTER: "When Grandpa starting telling his Jager stories."

ME: "Jager?"

DAUGHTER: "J├Ą's a wicked strong drink."

ME: "And...?"

DAUGHTER: "And Grandpa drank a bunch of it and got really drunk and ended up in the closet."

ME: "Did he move like Jager?"


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Little Miss Brightside's Twin said...

So to sum up:

Sense of humour is genetic?

My link is better than your link said...

Little Miss Bright Side said...

Thank-you, Internet Twin.... I had nothin'.

Little Miss Bright Side said...

On second thought, at least someone found poor drunken Grandpa in the closet and was able to revive him in time for Thanksgiving dinner, so he could the share his heartwarming inebriation tales with the family!