Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm still gonna wait another day or two.

Just assume that I disagree with everybody on Facebook about it.

And it wasn't really Morgan Freeman posting that.

And the Mom wasn't a teacher at the school.

And the shooter either used a handgun or a rifle depending on where you get your news.

And don't send sympathy cards to the school.

Republicans and Democrats both have guns. So do Canadians.

I don't care that the mom landscaped her backyard.

Or that she was 'flirty' in bars. (that's what one media outlet must be true)

Or that the Dad of the shooter drove a Mini-Cooper(tm)

And don't tell me not to remember the name of the shooter. I'll do what I want.

Don't tell me that you 'cried all day long'. You didn't.

And don't tell me that's all you can think about. You also thought about pizza.

Don't tell me it was a good idea to postpone an episode of Family Guy. I'm guessing the parents didn't want to sit around watching Family Guy anyhow.

Don't open Saturday Night Live with kids singing Silent Night all solemn like. It's a comedy show. Make me laugh.

Don't tell me that the shooter played video games. He was 20 years old. Most 20 year olds play video games. Most 20 year olds don't shoot up schools.

Though I'm guessing he played Dungeons and Dragons....


Crap...I meant to wait another day or two.

It's too soon.


Swing Set in Heaven said...

I shouldn't be there.

Beatles said...

Leave My Kindergarten Alone

Sadness is a Warm Gun

LMBS said...

I'm sorry to announce that you are the official loser of the Facebook "I care the most about the kids who got shot" contest.

Maybe next time!

beatles said...

we care the most about the kids. we are the beatles.