Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kate Winslet's nipples.

So we watched the movie THE READER last night.
Here is the conversation this morning:
ME: "Do you think Kate Winslet is attractive?"
WIFEY: "Yes, but I don't like her nipples."
ME: "What's wrong with her nipples?"
WIFEY: "They're kinda black."
You'll have to google to see Kate Winslet's nipples...or watch the movie.
Or start dating her.
Or something.


Beatles said...

Nippladi, Nipplada

Cake said...

I like Kate fine except for her last name...Winslet. Winsy. Wimplet.

S.I.Hayakawa said...

Um, Nopie? Those aren't nipples. Those are called knees

And don't call me a nipplease.

Anonymous said...

She has huge kneeckers, or knipples. Or something. Wife's just jealous.