Sunday, January 06, 2013

Today I review LINCOLN.

1) I was going to go to sleep in the theatre but I didn't want my snoring to wake up the other movie-goers.

2) I was praying that there was an assassin in the theatre and that he would shoot ME!

3) There was too much butter on my popcorn.

4) Nothing for #4

(Lincoln blows)

(Daniel Day-Lewis was pretty good)

(The wheelbarrow full of body parts was the best part of the movie)


John Wilkes Booth said...

Had I not shot him they never would have made this bore-fest!


Lee Harvey Oswald said...

Hopefully they make a movie about my pal JFK trying to pass a bill through congress....riveting drama!

Ambian said...

Uh-oh, I have competition.

Mary Todd said...

I was crazy for it!

The Beatles said...

Happiness is a Warm Gun?

Thar he blows said...

So to sum up:

This movie is either boring or a what-if story about a gay Lincoln.

Little Miss Bright Side said...

At least I learned a couple of new things from the movie about Lincoln that I never learned in school:
1. He liked to tell really long, really boring stories.
2. He liked touching other men.

Anonymous said...

Can you please review something else tomorrow? Or something?