Thursday, March 13, 2014


So I see this ad the other day.

I like Filet-O-Fish. I like McDonalds French Fries (who doesn't!?)

So I'm driving to work around 11:00am and I see a McDonalds restaurant just up ahead.

I'm thinking Filet-O Fish and Fries for only $3.33. I'd be stupid if I wasn't thinking that!

Fish sandwich...french fries...$Three point three three.

So I go up to the college educated white guy at the counter  (I'm kidding!!) and order the Filet-O Fish and French Fries $3.33 special.

Here is the conversation:

ME: "I'd like to order the Filet-O-Fish and french fries special for $3.33.

CLERK: "We don't have that here."

ME: "You don't have Filet-O-Fish and french fries?"

CLERK: "Yes...I mean, we have those but not as a special."

ME: "This is a McDonalds, correct?"

CLERK: "It's at participating McDonalds restaurants."  (he didnt actually use the words 'participating' or 'restaurants'.)

ME: "So let me get this straight....Corporate McDonalds spends millions of dollars on a countrywide promotion and you dont want to participate?"

CLERK: "May I take your order?"

ME: "I'll have a hamburger and a small french fries."

CLERK: "That will be $4.04."

ME: "For a burger and fries?"

CLERK: "Yes."

ME: "Is that a special promotion?"

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So-so said...

So I thought about commenting.

So I'm here in my living room, typing, but I think "Nah."

So I decide not to.

So I'm hoping you get the point anyway.