Monday, March 03, 2014

Salt Lick City

So my rear driver side tire on my car has a very slow leak. Every couple of weeks I have to stop at a gas station and put a little air in it. I havent had time to fix it.

Nor do I want to.

Why not you ask?

I'll tell you why...

I stop at the air station...I unscrew the little cap on my tire, I set the PSI thingy on the air hose to the proper setting and then I fill up my tire.

While filling up my tire the little cap thingy is in my mouth so I wont lose it.

It's got road salt on it.

I'm hooked on road salt!!!

It tastes awesome.

I wish all my tires had slow leaks.


Max said...

You realize that this is a gateway to bath salts, right?

Cake said...

Mmmmm, the taste of asphalt, other cars, road kill, probably peed-on's a salty gastronomic delight!