Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Grok Caulk

I needed caulk.


I kept putting it off and putting it off but finally this week I decided to do what needed to be done.

I needed caulk.

And I needed it now.

I thought I had some caulk out back years ago.  Untouched caulk.

But I had no way of getting the caulk out.

So off I went to the store to get a caulk gun. 

I've never messed around with caulk before so I had to watch a tutrorial on YouTube...some goober explaines how to use it. The more he explained the more I laughed.

You'd think caulk would be easy to handle...I suppose it is if you know what you are doing. But I'm a novice when it comes to caulk.

So I watch the video, I prepare the caulk, I prepare the gun...I'm all ready to to squeeze the trigger and get this caulk going.

Nothing happens.

The caulk won't come out. I call up my buddy Glink and ask him why the caulk won't come out.

We talk. He asks questions.

We discover the caulk is too old to come out....way too thick.

No matter how hard I pump or squeeze the caulk just won't come out.

I sit there frustrated. I need caulk and I need it now!  

No can do.

So I go to another store the next day to seek out some new caulk. None of that old caulk for me.

A sales gal comes up to me and asks if I need anything. Here is that conversation:

SALES GAL:  "Do you need anything today?"

ME: "Yes....I need caulk."

SALES GAL: "Me too!"

BOTH OF US:  :::laughter::

For some reason caulk is funny. It's almost too funny. I'm sick of needing caulk. I'm sick of looking for caulk. I'm sick of thick old caulk.

And there it is next to the caulk!!! Clear silicone!

This should do the trick.

I race back to the shop, load my caulk gun with silicone, I pull the trigger and silicone EXPLODES out of the tip! I then take it over to front windows and seal my windows. They've been rattling and sqeaking for years. A nice tight seal. Windows are fixed. 

And that my friends is my caulk story.

It's nice when these things have a happy ending.


Anonymous said...

You sound like a chicken.

I Ain't No Oprah said...


Anonymous said...

The word "caulk" reminds me of the sound a chicken makes, and you use it a lot in this post. Therefore, all I could think of when I read this was chickens.

Obvious Cake said...

I find it very hard (!) to believe you've never had caulk.