Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Windy City

Yesterday was kinda windy.

In walks a retarded guy. Blathering on and on like retarded guys do.

I doubt retarded guys mind being called's usually their wranglers that get all upset with the term.

Does mentally challenged really sound better?

But I digress...

Anyhow...Tard starts yapping about this and that. Pointing out the obvious. Talking about whatever and a pickle.

It's time for him to leave.

He notices that the wind blows open my door (or was it the ghosts of you-know-who-from-you-know-where?)

Then he looks at swaying trees and says goodbye with a hearty "HAVE A GOOD WINDSDAY!"

Smart like a retarded fox.

1 comment:

LMBS said...

He lives!! *happy face*