Saturday, May 31, 2014


A woman in her late sixties came in my shop the other day. Here is that conversation.

WOMAN: " you have balls?"

ME: "Yes....what kind are you looking for?"

WOMAN: "I want some nice ones that will fit in my hand."

ME: "How about these?" [I showed her my balls]

WOMAN: "No...those are a tad too small?"

ME: "Would you like some the size of a baseball?"

WOMAN: "That size but something more squeezable."

ME: "Nope....just these hard ones. Try the guy down at the Dollar Store...I'm sure he has some."

WOMAN: "That's a good idea! Thanks for your help."


(I kept a straight face the whole time. )


Anonymous said...

Wait- you have small, hard balls? I'll be right over!

IANO said...

Well, small, anyway.