Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We'll call this story Mount Fuji because I don't know how to spell Mount Kilimanjaro

Sometimes at my shop people will ask to use the bathroom. The vast majority of them use it the way it's supposed to be used.

But I'm always on Bathrrom Alert after someone uses it. I'd hate for it to be gross when the next person goes I always check it right after someone is done (after they leave the store, of course)

For some reason kids don't always flush the toilet.  I put that in the gross category.

How does a parent put up with a kid that doesnt flush? I don't want to see his urine!!

I especially don't want to see his poop.

And now here comes the story:

The other day a fat little cretin asked to use my bathroom. I said yes.

He went in and very quickly afterwards he was done.  WHEW!

No cleaning up a big potty for me.  But I checked the bathroom anyhow after he left.

The motherfucker left me a gigantic bowel movement in the toilet!

I looked at it. I was angry.

How does someone just leave that in my toilet???

Then I looked again. It was huge. I looked again.

I was shocked at what I saw....or should I say what I didn't see???

There was no toilet paper in the bowl!!!

He left me a Mount Fuji and he didnt use toilet paper!!!!!

Who does that?

I'll tell you who does that...Fat Little Cretins do that!!


Anonymous said...

He put the TP in the waste basket. Did you check? I'll bet you 5c you didn't.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I checked.

LMBS said...

Wonder how many items in your shop he fingered with his fat little poo covered hands after that….