Monday, February 27, 2006

Buying a New Car?

Stay away from these models:

1. The Scamaro

2. The Rustang

3. Toyota Crapola

4. Whorevette

5. Mercury BrokeBack Mountaineer

6. The VW Beatle (especially the John and George as they don't last as long)

7. Nothing for #7

8. Dodge Rump Ranger

9. The Lincoln Agitator

10. Cadillac Cruella deVille

11. The Honda Qualude

12. The Buick Skybar (they melt)

13. Honda Accordian (folds up in most accidents)

And of course all Dodge product.


cake said...

13) The Toyota Matrix (Especially not the red one-- leads to increasingly bad, well, sequels.)
14) The Civic Poupe.
15) Anything by Moldsmobile.

motheragawd said...

Don't forget that new gangsta SUV - a cross between a Navigator and an Escalade: the Escalator.

It has its ups and downs...

cake said...

After an energizing supper and a drink, I remembered these other winners...

16) Slaab.
17) Hyundai Accident.
18) Lincoln (gets shot a lot).
19) Ford Grand Marquis de Sade.

Quailtard said...

and who can forget:
Hummers. (they never know the words)