Sunday, February 26, 2006

Things I've Invented

My buddy always brags about inventing the pencil behind the ear look. I figure it's about time I brag about my inventions:

1. I invented the imaginary baseball swing, followed by the shading of the eyes from the imaginary sun so I can see where the imaginary ball falls.

2. The cocking of the head backwards and then filling mouth with Redi-Whip straight from the can.

3. The quick kinda half-run thingy folks do while crossing the street. All me.

4. Liquid ice.

5. The forming of the right hand into a gun and then making the ::clickclick:: sound, followed by a quick wink. Sometimes includes the phrases: "Thanks Dollface!" or "Later Chief!"

6. The now infamous 'nothing for #6'.

7. The pen behind the ear look. TOTALLY MINE!!

8. The cotton gin.

9. Cold fusion

10. The Tuna Martini

11. The ampersand (kidding! I don't even know what an ampersand is)

12. The approving nod and pat on the back.

14. The vulcan mindmeld.

13. The out of order numbered list.


Blinky said...

You are truly a master of the list.


I Ain't No Oprah said...

Hi Nick,

1. Lists keep the universe in order.

2. Go to bed.

3. Nothing for #3

anne said...

indeed kudos to you :)

Mimi said...

Larry says do a list about Hoagie.

motheragawd said...

Remember in 1982 when you invented the turned-up collar thing? That was cool.

cake said...

What kinda name is Hoagie, anyways.

Do a list about midgets.