Friday, February 24, 2006

Hitler Cheats At Cards!

1. I learned my lesson...never play Texas Hold Em with Hitler. The dude cheats.

2. And never go to dinner with him (he touches the rolls and then puts them back)

3. Never tickle Hitler. Ever.

4. Hitler's favorite Stooge was Larry.

5. Nothing for #5

6. Even during the height of World War II Hitler kept his part time job at the chinese restaurant.

7. Hitler invented the phrase 'Cowboy Up'...though never, ever uttered it himself after May of 1987.

8. The fake orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally....Hitler himself taught Meg Ryan how to do that. It's true.

9. Hitler was on the second season of American Idol. He sang Proud Mary. Randy said he was a bit 'pitchy'. Paula said she had goosebumps. Simon said he was horrific.

10. Hitler liked little tiny copper teapots.


Phil Donahue's Niece said...

Regarding #9 - He later invited all three over to his house for dinner, but the declined due to schedule conflicts. He has since been plotting their demise.

cake said...

I had breakfast with him once. He annexed the table next to us, demanded sauerkraut for his toast, and then declared the whole restaurant property of Germany.

It was so embarrassing.

jannic02 said...

You forgot to mention-Brokeback Mountain was really based on the secret but intense love affair between Hitler and Stalin. They first held hands at a small cafe in Poland during the Blitzkreig-Joey and his irresistable little Fuhrer. There's nothing more romantic than true love blosseming during wartime.

motheragawd said...

Hitler was a big Yankees fan until Reggie Jackson retired. Now he thinks they're all gay.