Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Good Ash Easter, Batman! (or something)

So last night we're discussing Easter and stuff and the subject of 'Holy Thursday' came up...all of sudden I'm hearing the term used a lot and I never had before.

Holy Thursday (Catholic fund raising scheme?)

We all know what lent is (I had to look it up)and Good Friday, and Easter....but Holy Thursday?

So I ask:

ME: "Lent, Good Friday, Easter...I know those, but what the heck is Holy Thursday?"

HOAGY: "Buddy Night"


Cake said...


Good Beatles said...

Fixing a Holy Thursday

Sparkle Plenty said...

Isn't Lent a Broadway musical about a bunch of loan sharks?

Yer Buddy, Christ said...

I'll bring the crackers, you bring the cheese

Cake said...


The picture didn't load for me before...that's genius.

I have nothing Beatles said...

Yellholy Submarine