Friday, April 03, 2009

Protocol Breaking First Ladies on the Rampage!

Yesterday it was Michelle Obama groping the it's France's First Lady snubbing and not kissing The Beautiful Barack


>>>>>>>>FRANCE'S first lady broke with protocol today as she held out a frosty hand to welcome Barack Obama.
Stunning Carla Bruni was business-like in her greeting — while her hubby treated the US President's wife to a hug and Continental double kiss.

The former model gave customary pecks on both cheeks to Michelle Obama and other dignitaries when the couple arrived in France.

But when it came to the dashing US President the beauty kept a noticeable distance. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


What in the heck is going on with First Ladies all of sudden?

Don't they have china patterns to pick out or something?

What's next...some kinda Wrestlemania-like First Lady Caged Death Match or something?

Horny Giant US First Lady (Touchy McQueeny) vs Frigid Hot French First Lady(Kissy Ono)

My money is on the Behemoth.


Sparkle Plenty said...

Most awesome double-post Friday ever!

Carla Bruni made out with Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, so having reached that zenith of makeoutery early on, anyone else is an anticlimax and gets the frigid handshake. Either that, or she and Barack Obama also dated at some point and it was, y'know, awkward: "Oh,'re looking well. Got a new job?"

Joe Doherty said...

I thought Carla Bruni was hot until she didn't close your shop door. Damn her to hell.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Damn French-Indian War.

Cake said...

I think Sparkle hit the nail on the head.

Though a French-Indian war would be pretty funny...

French: "We shall mount l'invasion as soon as we 'ave enough wine et fromage stored for 'aving the trip to L'India!"

Indians: "Don't bother! We have this big door guarding our country and we shall simply close it and keep you French pigdogs out!" ::wander away, leaving door open::

So to sum up:


Cake said...

(My Indian accent leaves a lot to desired, yes.)

Kathy said...

Shama shama elma commama

Not playing the game right said...


Am I? said...


Stammah said...

I-I-I'm n-n-not s-su-su-sure.