Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Just play the goddamn game!

ME: "You're starving to death...what do you eat...a dog or a cat?"

WIFEY: "Neither."

ME: "You HAVE to pick one. You're starving to death...cat or dog?"

WIFEY: "I'm not eating a cat or a dog."

ME: "You don't have to kill it...it will be prepared. Cat or dog?"

WIFEY: I am not going to eat a cat or dog. That's gross!"

ME: "You're on an island. You're starving to death! A cat. Or a dog?"

WIFEY: "I'm not eating a cat or a dog."

ME: "Do you want some popcorn?"

WIFEY: "No thank you."


Cake said...

Cat, in a second.

Especially if it was one of mine...they've been raised on only the best pure-meat-no-filler food and they're both fat and healthy.

I'm getting hungry...*eyes little calico*

mulderjoe said...

probably dog. bigger portions.

Anonymous said...

NoOprah's dog looks mighty tasty.

beatles said...

Fixing a Hound

Leave My Kitten Alone...and my dog.

Hey Tasty Bulldog

I Wanna Hold Your Broiled Carcass.

While My Cat Gently Weeps

Yellow Lab Submarine Sandwich

Better Beatles said...

Lucy* in the Pie with Dalmations (*Lucy is a cat)

I Want to Eat Your Hound

Love Love Me Cat Stew

Eight Strays a Week (For Dinner)

Best Beatles said...

Wild Shepherd Pie

Meet the Beatles said...

Hey Food

I Wanna Be Your Lunch

The Pooch on the Skillet

Why Don't We Eat Him In The Road

Puppy Brain

Lassie MaDinner

MEAT the Beatles said...

The Continuing Story of Braising Bulldogs

A Taste of Lassie

Magical Mastiff Stewer

Broiling for the Benefit of Mr. Kitty

Anonymous said...

Polythene Wrapped Puppies?

Rubber sole said...

Bark in the USSR

Lean Mr. Mustard

Norweigian WOOF!

Everybody's Trying To Be My Gravy

Roll Over Beethoven (I'm gonna baste your belly!)

Woofolver said...

I Am The Entree

HelpHer DogShelter!

(I love that last one!)

Getting hungry said...

Norwegian Woof

Everybody's Trying to Fry my Tabby

Run for Your Life, Dog!

I Want to Bite Your Paw

Retardo Beatles said...

Oh crap, accidental duplicate!