Saturday, November 21, 2009

"But your honor, I HAD to!"

So a few minutes ago I see this old lady walking down the street and she's wearing an ill-fitting sweatshirt that had the above logo/design on it.

I'm gonna kill a cat tonight.

It's her fault.


Cats don't really leave paw prints on our hearts. They just don't.

Though some of them are kinda cute.


Charlie Chan said...

Cats taste like chicken.

Mao said...

Finger rickin' good!

Meowing Beatles said...


Polythene Purrs

Back in the L.I.T.T.E.R.


Wait...I'm getting deja vu.

Doctor Obvious said...

The only way a cat's leaving paw prints on your heart is if you're stupid enough to smuggle it into the OR during open-heart surgery.

Doctor Obviouser said...

That woman probably has pictures of her cats tattooed on her back.

Doctor Obviousest said...

The sweatshirt wasn't "ill-fitting"...that was just crazy cat lady fat bulging and oozing.