Monday, November 23, 2009

Notes from inside the New England Patriots game.

So I went to the New England Patriots game yesterday.

Wanna read about the game?

Get the sports page.

Wanna read about my view of the game?

Read on.

So I go to the men's room....huge lines inside.

While inside I see this sign on the wall. I take a picture of it.

(Drunken football fans love when you start snapping pix in the men's room.)

Do we really need signs telling us not to drink from the urinals and toilets?


And guess what?

Turns out I wasn't in the men's room.


Cake said...

A bit desperate to "accidentally" end up in the ladies' room.

Unless this is your way of coming out to us...?

Fruity McQuestioning said...

Where do us transgendered go?

Doctor Answer said...

To Yankees games...

Sparkle Plenty said...

That's what Gridiron Glory has always meant to me: men, tampons, and undrinkable water.

Doctor Clueless said...

Well, at least you could buy some napkins for your snacks, too. That's very important.

It's funny they specified they were feminine, though. Does that make them floral print or something?

Cake said...

I'm going to allow you this post for two days because it's so damn good.

But tomorrow, there'd better be a new one!

Cake said...

Okay, time's up.