Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hot Dog Harry

So I'm at the movie theatre the other night and I was hungry.

I hadn't had dinner yet.

What screams DINNER! more than a movie theatre hot dog?

If you said "NOTHING." then you would be correct.

So I go to the food counter.

Here is the conversation:

HOT DOG HARRY: "May I help you?"

ME: "Yes, I'd like a hot dog!"

HOT DOG HARRY: "Do you mind waiting twenty minutes?"

ME: "Yes."

HOT DOG HARRY: "Does that mean you want the hot dog?"

ME: "What was the question you asked me?"

HOT DOG HARRY: "Do you mind waiting twenty minutes for the hot dog?"

ME: "And how did I answer you?"

HOT DOG HARRY: "You said yes."

ME: "So where are we?"

HOT DOG HARRY: "Do you want a hot dog?"

ME: "Yes, but I mind waiting twenty minutes for one."

HOT DOG HARRY: "So should I order one for you?"

ME: "No. I'll just have a medium popcorn."

HOT DOG HARRY: "For only $1.00 more you can have a large popcorn."

ME: "What did I just order?"

HOT DOG HARRY: "A medium popcorn."

ME: "Correct. Thank you."


Hot Dog Sally said...


Hot Dog Saliva-y said...

For $1 less, you get some spit in that medium popcorn!

Mean Mr. Mustard and Ketchup said...


Vaguely Freudian Beatles said...

Sexy Sausage

I Want to Hold Your Hotdog

Happiness is a Warm Dog

L'ehme Beatles said...

He's Not Hotdoggy (He's My Buttered Popcorn)

What does this one even mean? said...

Sausage Pepper's Lonely Hotdog Plan

More Beatles said...

With a Little Help from my Frankfurter

You Never Give me Your Hotdogs

I am the Weiner

Sissy sounding Beatles said...

Dizzy Miss Weenie

Yet More Beatles said...

Norwegian Weiner (This Bird Has Flown)

Obvious Beatles said...

Long Tall Sausage!

A few more said...

Porky Lane

Back in the C.A.S.E.

Sausage King

Doctor Backpatter said...

Wow, there were some brilliant comments today.

Beatles said...

Baby You're a Bitch Man

Mayor Bloomberg said...