Saturday, July 07, 2012

NEW FEATURE: The wit and wisdom of Fran.

Fran stops in my store every so often.

He's been stopping in for the past four decades.

I wish I wrote down everything he has said.

You will come to love Fran. (He looks like Keith Richards)


"I don't mind paying anything as long as it's the right price."


"If I was in Tommy Hearns corner he would have won that fight.

He had him on the ropes and all he needed to do was JAB JAB JAB, instead he went for the face and lost."


"Am I funnier than Peter?"

FRAN: "How much are these?"

ME: "$4.00 each."

FRAN: "What if I buy six of them?"

ME: "$3.50 each if you buy six or more."

FRAN: "What if I just buy one?"

ME: "$4.00."

FRAN: "$3.50 sounds better."


FRAN: "I got new teeth."

ME: "What happened to the old ones?"

FRAN: "They got punched out. I have a temper."


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