Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Spider and the Smoke Detector

So last night around midnight the smoke detector goes off.

As per our pre-arranged fire plan nobody knew what to do.

I go wandering around the house looking for smoke.

No smoke. No fire. Just a blaring alarm.

Wifey informs me that it's probably a spider that set off the alarm.

So now I have to worry about fire breathing spiders!!!!


The screaming noise wouldn't stop so I went down to the basement and turned off the circuit breaker to the smoke alarms.

When I wake up in the morning Wifey left me a note:


I guess I also turned off the circuit breaker to the water heater.


What have we learned?

Spiders are tiny little dragons.

Circuit breaker for smoke alarms also turns off water heater.


Cake's semi-in-laws said...

So to sum up:

Once again, IANO is proven to be quite retarded on a number of fronts...and he should feel quite lucky his house didn't catch fire overnight.

Not sure where to start said...

Smoke Me Do

Happiness is a Warm Spider

I Want to Douse Your Spider

And Your Spider Can Singe

Baby You're a Burnt Man

Eight Legged Beatles said...

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except me and my Spider

Overwhelmed Beatles said...

Eight Flaming Spiders a Week?

Spider-Beatles said...

Detector Tripper

Arsonist Beatles said...

Smokey Truffle


Why Don't We Burn it in the Road

Spider-man said...

While my Spider Gently Weeps

Probably not Wifey said...

Two of Us (Running All Over the House Trying to Find a Dragon Spider)

Simple Beatles said...

I've Just Seen a Flame

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