Sunday, August 12, 2012

How does a politician get my vote?

So Mitt Romney just picked Paul Ryan as his running mate.

I never heard of him before.

So I read up on him.

Turns out he used to work for Oscar Mayer.

And he drove the Wienermobile.

He drove...The Wienermobile!

A heartbeat away and we have a guy that drove the Wienermobile in the Oval Office!

(He didn't actually drive it IN the Oval Office)

Come November I vote (R)


Not that there's anything wrong with that said...

Just sayin'....

Projectile Vomiter said...

Mittens and WienerBoy 2012!

Has a nice ring to it.

Beatles Drive-by said...

I Want To Hold Your Wiener

Sexy Sausage

Happiness is a Warm Wiener

Mean Mister Mittens

Rolling Stones singing about the GOP said...

Sympathy for the Devil

Gimme Shelter

Biggest Mistake

Let It Bleed

Oh No, Not You Again

Rock and a Hard Place