Wednesday, August 01, 2012

So the power is back on in India and what it means to you.

1. Female voices have returned to their normal dulcet tones.

2. With AC now pouring thru the whole country it is down to a chilling 108 degrees.

3. Sweet aroma of the famed Sewage River returns in all of its glory.

4. Car horns never needed electricity!! We kept on honkin', Bobo!

5. Children are back to being pleasant.

6. Trash Mountain is back in operation and locals flocked back as if they never left!

7. Squalor returns all around the countryside.

8. Hindu?

9. Do what?

10. Remind me of a man.

11. What man?

12. Man with the power.

13. Power of what?

14. Hindu.

15. Do what?

16. Remind me of a man...

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Shirley said...

Thanks ever so much for putting that in my head.