Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm so cool...I swear a lot in this post!

I was reading an article today about snack time at the White House.

The article featured the above picture.

A picture of a little boy in suit and a little girl in her cotillion dress.

(I hope those kids get bullied BIG TIME!)

But that's not why I'm writing.

I'm writing cuz it's SNACK TIME at The Fucking White House and the goddamn Obama's put out a fucking bowl of apples!!!

For snacks!!

I love apples, don't get me wrong...but for SNACK TIME??? At the White House???

And look at MOOchelle's giddy smile?

"I'm promoting healthy eating!"


It's snack time at the Goddamn White House and you put out goddamn apples for kids.

They want candy.

Bush would have put out candy.

And not healthy candy.

Candy candy.

The one time those kids get to go to the fucking White House and they get fucking apples.


(a special thanks to Cousin Saul for the term Moochelle)



Anonymous said...

Those bangs make her look more like a tranni than ever.

Anonymous said...

It's tranny.

Little Miss Swears-a-lot said...

Goddamn Reagan would've given them fucking jellybeans.

Grumpy said...

It's "Obamas."

Noah Van Gogh said...

I'm thinking maybe Bush put out "special" candy, by the way...

First Anonymous said...

Relax, Officer Spellcheck.

Oompy doompy doo said...

Hey, Anon2, You got your basic Trekkie, goy your basic brony, too.
What kind of tranny do you think the Mooch is:
Megatron or Optimus Prime fan?