Friday, January 31, 2014

Groundhoag Day is coming (or did it already come?)..... will Hoag see his own shadow?


Cake said...

Good news, Little Miss Sunshine...he's not dead!!!

Bad news...he's not very inspired, either.

LMBS said...

Yes, but better to be uninspired than dead, right?

Cake said...

Ack, Bright Side, not Sunshine...!

And, yes, boring is better than dead. Still...::taps foot, looks at calendar, sighs::

Venerable UP said...

Just catchin' up here. At my age ya move a wee bit slower sometimes. Anyways- Groundhog day- Isn't that when you folks eat lots of pork sausage? Ground hog day?

At least keeping up to the day, what was the name of Charon's boat? I don't think it was the good ship Lollipop.
But I'm sure folks found it a nice ship when they'd drop.