Monday, May 14, 2007

Another scientific study

I recently moved my business about a block down the street.

In my old location I had a laundromat a couple doors down from me and now in the new location I have a dry cleaners across the street. So with help of my bunson burner, a compass, and two beakers I've come to the scientfic conclusion that hotter chicks go into a dry cleaners than a laundromat.

Not an opinion....a scientific fact (see above)

So ladies, start dry cleaning your clothes and you will become 'hotter'.

It's a scientific fact.


bacon ace said...

Yeesh, there were a ton of fuglies at that laundromat weren't there? I'll have to check your findings this weekend. Uh.. for science. yeah that's it science.

bacon ace said...

And what scientific discipline is it that studies such thing NoOprah? Boobology?

cake said...

::examines clothes tags::

Oh no, they're all machine-washable. What does that say about my hotness level!? Crap!

::rushes off to schedule a makeover::

Anonymous said...

If my clothes are all machine washable, but I have my BODY dry cleaned, what will that do for my hotness level?

-- Lamont "light starch" Cranston

Lois Lane said...

Hey! I've used that laundromat on occasion.

bacon ace said...

According to science (NoOprahology) you should stop.

Lois Lane said...

Nah. I'm not worried about it.

The fact that I'm a girl who reads comic books automatically makes me hot.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi reads 30 comic books a week.

Then she gives them to underprivileged orphans.

On her way to the dry cleaner.

-- Lamont Cranston

cake said...

So does Hillary Clinton...and all her clothes are dry-clean only, too.

(NoOprah's head just exploded.)

hillary said...

IANO, baby, you never return my calls. Is it the big socks? Are they a turnoff?