Thursday, May 10, 2007

Duffy the beat cop

After a long absense Duffy the beat cop is back patrolling my street. Up and down the street he goes. Stopping, and looking, and chatting. And fighting crime.

And what could be a better name for a beat cop than Duffy? I think there was even a comic strip back in the 1940s called....Duffy the beat cop.

So I start to think what a beat cop named Duffys day must be like:

"Yo, Duffy!"

"'s it hangin?"

"Duffy my man!"

"Officer Duffy we're down on our can ya bust guys with a social disease?"

"Mr. Duffy sir....I slipped in an extra crueller, just for you"


::high five:: "Duffy!"

"Hey it hot enough for ya?"

"What's shakin' Cap'in?"

" about dem Sox, huh Duffy?"

"Dr. Duff...can I pahk here?"

It must be great to be Duffy.


officer krupke said...

I warned Officer Duffy about you-- sure hope he was listening.

cake said...

I bet Duffy likes used pizza.

Clinky said...

Last week was pretty exciting; Duffy had to break up some Battle Dancing down by the Watch Factory.

cousin saul said...

Oh my gosh! An officer Krupke reference!!! Are you telling me that there is a theatre fan reading IANO?...It's a sign of the apocolypse.

cousin saul said...

It makes me want to jazz-dance-rumble with the Jets or the Sharks!

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Aren't we all theatre fans? Deep inside?

cake said...

Cool, Daddio. ::snaps fingers::