Friday, August 29, 2008

No Subject In The Subject Box Day

So last night is the famed Buddy Nite and we go out to this restaurant.

As you walk in there is a hostess that seats the folks in the restaurant to the left. Or you can just walk into the bar area on the right and eat in there.

We go into the bar area and have no contact with said hostess.

But from our seats in the bar area we can still see Little Miss Hostess.


And the Hoag is intrigued. To say the least.

But he can't really see all of her. Her back is usually towards the bar and it's driving the Hoag nuts that he can't see her face.

But he sees the long pretty blond hair. The shapely body. The voodoo that she does so well.

But again, not her face.

Dinner proceeds but with this distraction.

The constant moaning of the Hoag demanding "turn around turn around turn around"

And me asking "more bread more bread more bread"

A half hour goes by. Forty five minutes.

She bends over. She reaches up high. Nice shoes. Good walk.

Still no sightings of her face.

"Turn around turn around turn around"

She doesn't.

She seats diners.

She does whatever else a hostess does.

She bends.

She flips hair.

She reaches way up....up on her tippy toes....she laughs. Even cavorts.

But still no face sightings

More time goes by.

Finally Hoag turns to me and this is the conversation:

HOAG: "Do me a favor Buddy?"

ME: "Sure Hoag, anything for a Buddy like you!"

HOAG: "Quack like a duck so she'll turn around."

ME: "Pass me the bread."


cake said...

"Sure Hoag, anything for a Buddy like you!"


lurker said...

I'm sure there was some "gagging" later on last night too. Homos.