Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav update

I just want to assure my gentle readers that no matter how bad GUSTAV gets, we (the staff at I AIN'T NO OPRAH) will stay and not flee.

There will be hijinx.



No stupid hurricane is going to keep us (the staff at I AIN'T NO OPRAH) away from our duties.

We will stay.

We will not flee.

We are men. We stay.




It's our mantra.

It's our code.

So use the letters G U S T A V, in order,to write a six word sentence. It must be related to weather. Or storms.

Or the crocodile named Gustave.


Katrina said...

Gustave? Umbrellas, supplies, tents, and vitamins.

hanna said...

Get Uncle Sam to a villa!

hugo said...

Gimme useable sumppumps,towels, and vegamite!

gloria said...

Gots u stinkin' testicles and vaginas!

s. irwin said...

Gustave up stream....terror and violence!

Tex said...

A gustav wind makes a hurricane stronger.

ok thats seven but
what is this "the staff" you speak of?

cake said...

Got us some torrentially annoying vantages!

(What? What does that even mean! Surely I can do better...)

big easy tourist said...

Gadzoiks! Ugly storm trampling another vacation!

big easy resident said...

Golly, under storms, tourists are vanishing.

sexy weather broad said...

Goofy underwear stays teasingly alluring, va-voom!

a patriot or something said...

Gustav: understand, storms taunt America's vows.

no "v" beatles songs dammit said...

Glass union? Savoy truffle! A voila!

stormy mcgee said...

George, usually serious, tickles a virgin.

running out of v's said...

Gosh! Ugly surges, tornadoes, and vixens!

Anonymous said...

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