Saturday, September 25, 2010

Buddy Nite=Gay Wine Night? I think not.


Miss Fabulous said...

Taking a picture of your girlfriend with a naked broad proves nothing.

Slang you probably don't know said...

Nice beard in that shot.

Not Gay Beatles said...

I Wanna Be Your Man

Norwegian WOOD!!!!

Fixing a MANhole

Old Brown Hoag

Drive My "Car"

I Want To Hold Your Hoagy

Probably not IANO said...

Back in the H.O.A...oh I can't type it.

Everybody has Something to Hide Except for my and my Hoagy

I Want You (You're so Hoagy)

When I'm 64 (I'll Still Be Gay for Hoagy)

Where's an editor when you need one? said...

*Me and My...crap!

Arte Johnson said...

Hoagy, Hoagy Hoagy
great log almighty
Early in the morning
My wood shall rise for thee