Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toilet Paper (Bathroom Tissue as it's probably known as in Canada)

So I'm looking at a roll of toilet paper and I notice on the wrapper it states: SEPTIC SYSTEM SAFE.

And I started thinking.

Are there really toilet papers that are UNSAFE for septic systems?

It's toilet paper. It gets flushed.

What could make a toilet paper UNSAFE for a septic system? Is it made out of mercury? Acid? Hair?

It's toilet paper...they are all safe for septic systems.

What would be the point of making unsafe for septic system toilet paper?

(And please don't play the town sewage card)


Cake too lazy to sign in said...

1) It's toilet paper in the city and bathroom tissue in the country, up here...there's an important reason for the distinction, too.

- Bathroom tissue is septic system's thinner and contains less starch per inch, so it biodegrades faster, which makes it okay to leave in a septic tank for a for a few months.

- Toilet paper isn't safe for septic systems here because of its high fibre and card end up having to get the pipes disconnected and the connectors de-flawed after the paper's sat in the tank for only a week. Huge expense! Whole industry built up around the wrong use of toilet paper!

2) Everything in #1 is a lie. It's toilet paper up here, too.

3) No, I really had nothing better to do.

beatles said...

Why Don't We Do It On The Road.

Let It Be Pee

The Stool on the Hill

I Want To Hold Your Plunger

Percy Blysse Smelly said...

In days of old
When knights were bold
And toilets weren't invented
They dropped their load
Upon the road
And went away contented

Anal Al Anon said...

Cake doesn't know her asswipe from a hole in the ground. The toilet paper that's unsafe for septic systems is the stuff made from animal skin. The tannic acid used in processing the hides rots pipes and tank walls. Even untreated hides have this problem. For example, you should never wipe your bottom with a live goat.

The Silver Fox said...

Never wipe your butt with a handful of clumping cat litter. Not only is it nowhere near as soft as Charmin, but it'll clog your pipes.