Thursday, September 09, 2010

Talking and Television.

We've been married a long time.

A long time.

We also watch a lot of TV.

A lot of TV.

Maybe too much TV. I don't know.

And I love talking to Wifey....but now with DVRs there ain't no commercials.

So when to talk??

And I'm feeling a little guilty. Maybe we don't talk enough?

Here is the conversation we had last night:

ME: "We get along real good but do you think we talk enough?"

WIFEY: "You talk too much."


Clinky said...

To sum up: You are the girl in this relationship.

Anonymous said...

I always suspected it but the confirmation is nice:


Wifey's clone said...

Shaddup already.

Cake said...

Is he STILL talking!?

Disappointed in you said...

Too busy talking to do a touching memorial 9/10 post, huh.