Wednesday, March 09, 2011


So I'm (Wifey is) having the interior of our (her) house painted.

The painters have removed the mirror from our (her) bathroom.

So this morning I need to shave. No mirror.

Can't shave without a mirror. I try using the reflection of my iPod.

Doesn't work too well.

I then remember Wifey has a hand held mirror. I take said mirror out of the drawer and kinda prop it up behind sink.

I can see my creamfilled face! I can shave!

But then I notice I'm using one of those magnifying mirrors. GIANT FACE!

It's hideous to look at yourself in one of those things (unless you're purty boy like Hoagy)

And in that mirror I see this giant gray hair sticking out of my nose!!

It's bad enough having a nose hair sticking out of one's nose but it has to be gray??? Really?? And long? A long gray hair. In my nose? Really?

How the heck did I not notice this before?


Albert Lysiak, Canada's toughest cop said...

No mirror?
"Waaaah, snivel, whine."

Honey badger don't need no mirror. When honey wants to shave, he just lights his Zippo and burns his beard off.

Albert is now actually dead, but he don't give a shit. Albert was serious badass.

Cake not signed in said...

There's one in your left ear, too. I've been meaning to point it out but I didn't know how.

Loser said... only have one bathroom with a mirror?

I Ain't No Oprah said...

All the mirrors are down.


Creamfilled face said...