Thursday, March 17, 2011

I think I'm not turning Japanese

What's up with Japan?

Here they are this great culture.

A modern society.

A clean and beautiful country.

Third largest economy in the world.

And then an earthquake hits.

A tsunami.

Nuclear meltdown.

A volcano erupts.

Thousands dead. Devastaion everywhere.

So what do The Japanese do?

They don't loot!

What kinda crazy country is that??

Have they learned nothing from us???

You have an loot.

Tsunami? Loot.

Nuclear meltdown? D' loot!

Volcano? Loot.

When my country goes to hell like theirs you can pretty much guarantee I'll have a TV on my shoulder and I'll be wearing a wife-beater t-shirt.

This is America, not Japan.

We loot.


Barney Fife said...

Nip it. In. The bud. You have to NIP it in the bud.

Probably not a Jap said...

Oh god, can you imagine if you lost water and electricity and horrific would that be? Never mind the looters, the violence in the streets, the starvation, the children crying, the drop in the dollar, the fires...

Where would you wash your hands?!?!

The ghost of Chiang Kai Shek said...

Chinese people loot. Japs root.
Tly to get it light nrxt time, gwai lo

The ghost of Michael Gough said...

As a native Malayan, I can only comment that these events of widespread misey strike me as God's appropriate (if lenient) punishment for the nasty buggers' conquest of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Was the video taken out by a tsunami, too?